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Child Visitation Rights after a Divorce in Arizona

Visitation or parenting time, also referred to as access, contact, or residential time, is the legal term used to refer to the opportunity for the child to spend time with the non-custodial parent, or the parent who does not have sole legal custody of the child. Parenting time and custody issues arise when parents ask the court for a divorce,…read more →

Mothers Rights in Arizona

The state of Arizona allows mothers to seek custody rights over their children. Whether the mother is married or unmarried, she has the ability to secure the custody of her child or children. A recent change in the custody guidelines now allows fathers to seek equal rights with mothers. Before that, mothers were given the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and…read more →

Child custody and visitation laws in Florida

Children often go through a lot of emotional and psychological pain and suffering during their parents’ divorce. To lessen this pain and still allow children to remain close to both of their parents, Florida has established and implemented a number of custody and visitation laws in the state. The Parenting Plan In the past few years, courts in Florida have…read more →

What is a Guardian Ad Litem in Arizona?

David Cantor explains Guardian Ad Litem in Arizona:   A guardian ad litem is a person that is appointed to represent the best interests of a child in a court case. A guardian ad litem is usually a lawyer, but does not have to be. The guardian ad litem will work with the attorneys in the case, state agencies, the…read more →

How A Child Custody Attorney’s Job Is Different In Modern Times

In any family law case that involves minor children, that is children under the age of eighteen, the court will base its decisions as to custody on what is called the best interests of the children. This means that regardless of what may be convenient for the parents; any final judgment addressing custody of children must be in line with…read more →

How to Get Custody of a Child in Arizona

Watch this short video on how to get custody of a child in Arizona:   For non-married parents in Arizona, a Petition to Establish Paternity is the first step in asking for custody of a child. Once paternity is established, or if the parents are or were married, they would file a Petition to Establish Custody. The court will be…read more →

State of Arizona Definition of Legal Custody

David Cantor explains Legal Custody in Arizona:   The State of Arizona considers legal custody as the ability for parents to make major decisions about the health, religion, education, and overall welfare of their child. Parents who make these decisions together are considered by Arizona law to have joint legal custody. This means that both a mother and father can…read more →

New Arizona Laws for 2013, Create Greater Parenting Time Possibilities for Arizona Fathers

David Cantor explains the new law for 2013 giving Fathers More Parenting Time in Arizona: Arizona has enacted new laws that greatly impact parents’ ideas, as well as their legal arguments for parenting time and decision-making authority.  What was previously entitled Joint/Sole Custody has now been termed Joint/Sole Legal Decision-Making.  While the change in titles does not impact the outcome…read more →

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