Child Custody Modifications

The change of situation a parent faces after a divorce can be immense, which can result in a modification needing to be made to a child custody agreement that had previously been arranged. Whether you are the parent that needs to make a change or you need to respond to a request by your former spouse, it is advisable to speak with a custody lawyer to assist you during the process. The Cantor Law Group has a long history of assisting parents in the area with their child custody matters in Arizona. With over 70 years of combined experience, the Cantor Law Group has the expertise needed to consider your needs and help to resolve a custody case successfully.

A family court judge is in a position to grant a child custody modification when it is requested by a parent, which must be on a proven basis of a “substantial and continuing change of circumstances.” Similarly, the alteration cannot be to the detriment of the child. An accommodation change is a major upheaval for a child, which a judge will tend to avoid where there is no particularly convincing reason for the move, especially if this is being fought by the other parent. There are a number of factors that can influence a judge’s decision in this matter, such as medical issues of a parent or a child suffering abuse or neglect.

Child Custody Modifications and Family Courts

Each parent of a child can seek the court’s assistance to ensure that their rights apply when it comes to child custody agreements. The State of Arizona law prohibits a parent obstructing the rights of the other and consequently, this can result in a contempt of court charge, which can lead to a fine and/or imprisonment. Making use of our family law legal professionals with a proven court record, will put you in the best position when dealing with complicated child custody legal issues.

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