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Child custody cases are often extremely emotional affairs but they need to be handled with a strong, leveled approach. The Cantor Law Group will offer sensitive and professional support for you and your kids. We know that you must have a lot of child custody questions and in all our years of experience we’ve seen everything and are well versed in how to handle the delicate proceedings of a custody case. We will also fight your custody battle for your rights as a parent and will always work towards the best interest of your children when it comes to custody and establishing a child custody parenting plan.

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Arizona Child Custody Attorney

Whether custody stems from a divorce situation or paternity case, Arizona has very specific laws covering child custody. Even in an uncontested divorce, where parents agree to joint custody, it is a good idea to seek the advice of an attorney because the court may still adjust the custody arraignment if it feels the Joint Parenting Plan is not serving the children’s best interests. A court approved plan will take the following factors into account:

  • Where the child lives
  • Distance between the parents homes
  • Visitation schedule
  • Parents work schedules

While those factors are common to all custody arraignments the court will also take extenuating circumstances into account. An experienced family law attorney from our firm will be able to help you determine what the court may and may not consider applicable in your case. The court will suggest a mediation hearing where both sides meet to develop an acceptable plan that will gain the court’s approval. Child custody mediation hearings, especially in the case of contested divorce, do not always end in a satisfactory way for both sides. This will lead to a jury trial in which the rights of you and your children will be defended by our highly experienced and aggressive litigators.

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Our firm represents people on either side of a child custody suit, whether it be divorcing spouses or parents in an unmarried situation. We have handled over 200 bench trial cases so you can be assured that our attorneys have a deep base of knowledge from which to work from. In addition to our intimate knowledge of child custody law and listed in the Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers®. We have over 70 years of combined experience and are a member of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers®. If you are looking for high quality representatives to handle your case, contact our Family Lawyers at the Cantor Law Group today.

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