Child Support Modifications

A change in the state of affairs of a parent can result in a child support agreement needing to be modified or altered.  In the State of Arizona, a parent is entitled to apply for this type of alteration on the basis of a change that is “substantial and continuing.”  The matters that can be included within this definition will differ according to the matter in hand, but can include:

  • An employment change
  • An income adjustment, such as an increase or decrease
  • Amendment of parenting schedules
  • Altered child daycare costs
  • Altered school costs
  • Altered child medical expenses

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Modifying a child support agreement necessitates a request to be filed along with a ‘Parent’s Worksheet for Child Support’ being completed.  Documentation proving a change in earnings must be attached, should this be the reason for the request.  Assistance in gathering the required data and filling out the paperwork in the correct manner can be obtained from one of our custody attorneys, who can also submit it as it should be to ensure the best possible outcome.  When a court case results from the need to defend against the other parent’s desire to modify a child support agreement, an attorney can be a strong advocate in this situation.

What to do when seeking to modify your Child Support agreement

We are dedicated to acting for our clients in child custody and family law matters at the Cantor Law Group, and are prepared to do so in an ethical manner in order to reach a successful conclusion for all parties.  Whether you are seeking a change to be made to an existing agreement or battling against on requested by your ex-partner, we at Cantor Law Group are ready and able to get your desired outcome.  With over 70 years of combined experience you can be confident that one of our Family Law Attorneys has what it takes to successfully resolve your case.

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