Legal Custody of a Child in Arizona

David Cantor talks about Arizona’s Definition of Legal Custody:

When there is a custodial dispute, it is up to a qualified family law attorney to help the parents come to an agreeable situation.  Unfortunately, not all divorces run smoothly and custodial battles sometimes can become ugly.  When this occurs, most parents will wind up in family court where a judge will consider several factors before making a decision regarding custody.  Although there are several factors to consider, the main concern is the child or children’s best interests.  Issues that may come up during your hearing include:

  • The physical and mental health of both parents and the child or children
  • The relationship between the child or children and each parent individually
  • Relationships with family members or others who could affect the children’s best interests
  • Parents and children’s wishes regarding custody
  • Which parent is the primary care taker of the child or children
  • Whether or not strong arm tactics were used
  • Child abuse issues from either parent
  • Whether or not domestic violence has occurred

When one parent is not fit to raise the child or children, or refuses to be a co-parent, the judge may order sole legal custody to the other parent. This means that the parent with sole legal custody makes all of the decisions when it comes to raising the child or children.

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