Parental Kidnapping

Sometimes a divorced spouse who is fighting over child custody or visitation will resort to abducting a child without the consent of a family court judge or the other spouse. This is a particular concern in divorces that feature custody disputes or fights over visitation. Occasionally, a parent abducts a child simply to be vindictive, but many times the parent feels the move is best for the child.

Regardless of the parent’s intentions, all states in the US view parental kidnapping as a criminal act. If your child has been kidnapped or is in danger by your former spouse, it is essential that you speak law enforcement immediately. Once you determine that your child is safe, you will then want to contact our office so we can help you acquire emergency custody so this never happens again. We can also help you gain full custody of the child when the time is right. We have the resources to help you fight for your right to see, or have custody of, your child.

According to child custody laws in the US, it is illegal for a parent to move a child 50 miles or more away from the other parent without getting either written consent from that parent, or a relocation approval from the family court. If the parent refuses to consent to the move, the relocating parent must get the approval of the family court. This law also applies to out-of-state relocations. Typically, the only time a family court will approve relocation is if the move is best for the child. Parents who move without getting prior consent are guilty of parental kidnapping, which can cause them to face criminal charges, or lose their right to custody.

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Dealing with parental kidnapping is a serious issue. Contact the professionals at the Cantor Law Group, we are here to help you work through this difficult legal matter. We sympathize with the stress and worry parents feel when their children are abducted and we will work hard to use any legal means to bring a child back home and to hold the abducting parent responsible for their crime. We will use our resources to make sure the kidnapping parent is required to face the consequences of their act. Call us at (602) 691-6364 to schedule a free consultation with one of our family law attorneys.