Filing for Physical Custody in Arizona

Divorced parents who are awarded physical custody of a child receive the right to have their child living primarily with them. After couples go through a divorce, the child’s parents may share physical custody, or the court may decide to grant sole custody to one parent. If both parents are able to agree on child custody, they are free to arrange the matter on their own. Family courts usually only intervene in deciding custody matters when the parents are unable to settle the custody dispute for themselves. Typically, parents who have shared physical custody spend equal time with the child, which also includes the child sharing living arrangements at each parent’s residence. On the other hand, a parent who has sole custody spends the bulk of the time with the child. The child then gets regular visitation time with the non-custodial parent.

How Child Custody Cases are decided

When deciding how to handle a custody arrangement between parents, family courts generally examine several factors relating to both parents. These include each parent’s financial standing, their emotional role in raising the child, their existing relationship with the child, their records relating to criminal acts or drug use, and their prospects for the future. If you have financial issues and you are concerned about the effect this may have on deciding custody, you can rest assured knowing that financial matters alone do not determine the custody ruling. Even though courts consider financial standing as a factor, it is not the most important consideration and, on its own, your financial situation will not influence the court’s decision regarding custody.

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